Gaspardesk is officially listed on Microsoft’s AppSource Store

With hybrid work being the new norm, companies and their employees rely on platforms such as Microsoft Teams to collaborate internally and for getting things done on a daily basis. Thus, it does not come as a surprise that Microsoft Teams surpassed 270 million active users back in January of 2022.

Today, we are excited to share our integration with Microsoft Teams which expands on Gaspardesk’s platform’s capabilities to meet employees where they are and without ever having to switch platforms.

Companies that already use Microsoft Teams, can leverage Gaspardesk as an easy add-on that involves zero switching costs, resulting in saving hours of productivity for their employees and reducing operating expenses for their IT departments.

With Gaspardesk’s conversational AI capabilities employees can:

1. Get answers to their IT questions via our ML based recommendations.

2. Resolve within a few seconds and without human involvement their repetitive support requests.

3. Log, respond and manage requests that need human involvement directly from Microsoft Teams.

4. Requests that need approval from a manager or an application owner are done in an automated way on Microsoft Teams.

Please go check our listing at Microsoft’s AppSource Store here or email me at christos at if you would like to schedule a quick demo session.

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