Our Virtual Support Agent is now listed on Slack's App Store

With the emergence of Covid-19 remote work is becoming the new norm and it’s here to stay. As a result, companies around the globe increasingly rely on Slack as one of their primary collaboration tool to keep their teams connected.

We are excited to share today our integration with Slack which expands on Gaspardesk’s platform’s ability to meet employees where they spend most of their time during working hours and allows companies that already use Slack to augment their internal service desk operations teams from Day One and without having to switch platform.

With Gaspardesk’s conversational AI capabilities employees are able to:

  1. Get answers to their IT questions

  2. Resolve within a few seconds and without human involvement repetitive support requests such as resetting their passwords and adding themselves to groups and mailing lists

  3. Log and manage their tickets directly from Slack

Also, there’s value for IT Admins and Service Desk Agents who are responsible for internal operations at companies to leverage Gaspardesk’s platform.

  1. They can manage and resolve tickets assigned to them directly from Slack.

  2. They are able to provide extended hours of support to their end-users (human-staffed desk during working hours with Virtual Support Agent after hours).

  3. Faster time to resolve repetitive support requests and enabling IT Admins and Service Desk Agents to focus on what really matters.

This is only the beginning since we are planning to add more capabilities and functionalities to Gaspardesk’s bot on Slack. These capabilities align with our goal to help companies automate their employee IT support requests and augment their service desk operations.

Please go check our listing at Slack’s App Store here or email me at christos@gaspardesk.com if you would like to schedule a quick demo session.

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